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Welcome to fajangled.com! This is the personal website of Joe Lincoln. The redesign is running it's course steadily, still can't find a few files I used to have setup on the old one though.

It's been a while O.o5/3/2012

It's been so long since I've touched up this page, holy poop. Not a lot to add to it for now - maybe I'll upload some screens here and there. Most of my time the past few months has been dumped into finding work and screwing around on the web... but most recently picking up and moving back home for a little while. Beloit isn't exactly known for it's job availability, but when you can't afford the rent at one place all that's left is to move on.

It's Live!1/6/2012

So I wrapped up a bunch of loose ends and double-checking stuff on the site and so forth, and put it on the server (both the school's and my domain). Everything is pretty spiffy looking, I think, but there's still a few things left to fix (primarily with the gallery, maybe some other tweaks here and there and making the code in general look cleaner). That and having to dig up images out of .7z archives well over a a few months old that are lost somewhere on a terrabyte HD. Tons of fun!

As for additional stuff I'm pretty certain I want to get more than just this layout put together, as much as I am fond of orange, I had wanted to have a duality-layout that visitors could swap between at will (added to the to-do list). Among other things though that is fairly low priority -- one of those other things is archived news (would be a shame to just delete all this stuff I type out).

Almost there!1/5/2012

There's still a bunch of things I want to do with the site, even though the due date is tomorrow. I think it looks pretty spiffy (and it's not X% copy paste from some template either, gogo html/css by hand). I need a to-do list, hehe. Oh snap, I just realized I haven't got a background image... le sigh.

Is it over yet?1/4/2012

UGH these screwey gallery pages are being screwey, and I really hate frames of any sort. Sadly it seems 99% of the photo zoom things Google finds are java-script, not plain CSS. FML.

Go Go Redesigns12/29/2011

I think I've procrastinated on a site redesign for long enough, and it'll give me something to do.